Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions for Antalis&more, Antalis Loyalty Programme

1. Eligibility
Registered Resellers/Dealers/Printers based in the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Czech Republic and Slovakia are eligible to join Antalis&more, the Antalis Loyalty Programme (hereafter "the Programme"), if they purchase specified office paper from an Antalis affiliated operating company in one of the foregoing countries, for resale or remanufacture.

To apply for membership of the Programme interested parties should submit the required application form to Antalis (hereafter "Antalis").

Application to the Programme is via the website, www.antalisandmore.com and is free of charge. Admission to the Programme however, is at the discretion of Antalis and is not guaranteed by application. Each legal entity may make one application only.

Membership criteria includes the following:
1. The applicant must be a registered legal entity company in the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Czech Republic and Slovakia. For the sake of clarity, Membership is strictly reserved to a registered legal entity company to the exclusion of any individual person.
The individual person who is registering the company for the Programme must be a director, an officer, or an employee of this company and responsible for the management of the company’s Antalis&more account on behalf of the company; this person must be authorised by its company to do so and this person shall certify the same at the time of registration. Antalis reserves the right to inform and/or request confirmation from the legal representative of the company.
2. The applicant must be an authorised Reseller/Dealer/Printer, purchasing specific papers from an Antalis affiliated operating company and reselling this paper, whether printed or unprinted to end users
3. For all brands featured on Antalis&more; the product information, imagery and branding in the reseller’s/dealers product portfolio, must be clear and easy for customers to find in their retail store, catalogue or online shop.

Successful applicants will receive login information for initial access to their online account (hereinafter referred to as the “Member(s)” or “Member(s) of the Programme”). "

2. Earning points in the Program
Members of the Program can earn reward points by purchasing of specific papers and Speciality Media products, these are indicated in the points tab on Antalis&more. Reward points will be credited to the members account on a monthly basis for the previous months invoiced purchases. All products will have different reward values which may be adjusted at anytime. Current points values will be published on the Antalis&more website and may be changed at anytime without notice.
Antalis&more Points expire after 24 months. Members will received a reminder in their monthly statement on the number of points and the date points will expire.
If a Member does not maintain an active status for 2 consecutive years, the Member's Account may be deactivated and any points on the account will be forfeited, the Points cannot be reinstated.
Bonus points may be awarded at anytime at the discretion of Antalis.

Reward points are awarded for every 100kgs, or advertised value, of each specific product bought (e.g. Image Digicolor), will be rounded down to the nearest 100kgs.

For Coala and Master’in products, Reward points are awarded for every £100, or advertised value, of each specific paper bought (e.g. Master In Paper Mask Tape Solvent or Coala Textile Stretch), rounded down to the nearest £100.

At the beginning of each month reward points will start at zero for that month. All product returns will be adjusted in the month that they occur.

3. Conditions for Participation in the Antalis&more Loyalty Program
Members may cancel their membership at any time by e-mailing antalisandmore@antalis.com with their details.

Unless otherwise stated, the Program shall remain in effect for an unlimited period.

Antalis reserves the right to cancel, enhance, or modify the Program and to change the Terms and Conditions as become necessary under due consideration of the interests of registered Members. If such changes of the Terms and Conditions are made, Members will be notified of said changes in writing before the changes go into effect. The Member may also object to the amendments within two weeks of notification of the change. Objections to amendments should be emailed to Antalis at antalisandmore@antalis.com.

4. Taxes and Fees
Rewards gained by redeeming reward points may be subject to income tax and/or social security contributions. Members are responsible themselves for paying any taxes or fees that may become due. Members are also responsible themselves for compliance with any occupational laws or regulations governing participation in the Program and redemption of rewards.

5. Disclaimer
Antalis’ liability towards third parties and executive bodies, and/or its vicarious liability, shall be excluded except for acts of intent or gross negligence, regardless of the grounds. Unless Antalis acts with intent or gross negligence, its liability shall be limited to foreseeable damages, whereby the right to claim damages based on comparative negligence shall remain in force.

Antalis is only responsible for the administration of the Program and accept no liability whatsoever for any problems experienced by Members which may arise from technical malfunctions of the Program’s website. It is expressly understood that in any case, Antalis’ liability shall be strictly limited to direct damages and shall not exceed the amount of the dispute reward (all causes included).

Members are hereby notified of the inherent risk of viruses when using the Internet. Members are liable for any damages that arise from noncompliance of accepted online security precautions and practices by said Member or its representatives. Members are entirely responsible for their Internet connections.

Antalis accept no liability for any damages incurred by Members attributable to loss, theft or disclosure of a Members password.

Members will forfeit all rights to any rewards upon manipulation of data or willful deceit on behalf of the Member. Membership to the Program will be revoked upon manipulation of data or willful deceit.

Members are the sole beneficiary of any reward under this Program and solely responsible for allocating or not, the reward among its employees in accordance with applicable laws and regulations (whether Tax laws, Labour laws, etc.), and will hold harmless and indemnify us against any loss or damage related thereto.

6. Privacy and Data Protection
Members in the Program will regularly be notified about products, special offers, their own personal score and new premiums. By submitting the application form the Member gives agreement to receive information about all products sold by Antalis and the Antalis&more program by mail and e-mail.

Antalis and its agency shall save and process all information collected under this Program in compliance with the privacy provisions of the applicable law. This information shall be treated in strictest confidence and used solely for the purpose of running the Program.

7. Governing Law, Jurisdiction
All business relationships that arise from participation in the Program shall be construed exclusively in accordance with the Laws of France. The parties shall amicably resolve all disputes that arise from or in connection with this Program, whereby jurisdiction for unresolvable disputes shall be exclusively at the Tribunal de Commerce of Nanterre, France.

8. Changes to Terms and Conditions.
Antalis reserve the right to change and update our terms and conditions when required. Whilst these changes may come without prior notice, we will notify users of any major updates to ensure full transparency.